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Demonstrative, その + Noun


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    Fixed Adjective

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    Independent Word

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About その

その is classified as a 'pre-noun adjectival' in Japanese. These are a special type of word that do not conjugate. This means that they will always appear in the same form. その comes from the same family of words as それ and そこ, and is used to identify a 'thing' that is near the listener.
  • そのパズル(むずか)
    Is that puzzle hard? (If a sentence finishes in a rising tone, questions markers like です may be dropped in casual speech)
  • その(はなし)絶対(ぜったい)(うそ)でしょう
    That story is definitely a lie.
As the name 'pre-noun adjectival' suggests, these words will always appear before a noun, and describe that noun in some way.


  • その(ほん)いい

    That book is good.

  • その映画(えいが)()

    I will watch that movie.

  • その(みせ)(やす)です

    Is that store cheap?

  • その動物(どうぶつ)(さる)です

    That animal is a monkey.

  • その時計(とけい)(たか)でしょう

    That clock is expensive, isn't it.

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    • Genki I 2nd Edition

      Page 63

    • みんなの日本語 I

      Page 20 [CH 2]

    • みんなの日本語 II

      Page 30 [CH 29]

    • みんなの日本語 II

      Page 78 [CH 37]

    • Genki I

      Page 35

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