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N2 Lesson 7: 20/21


As if, Just like


Verb + よう(1)
[い]Adjective + よう(1)
[な]Adjective + である + よう(1)
Noun + である + よう(1)

(1) ように + Phrase、ような + Noun


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About かのようだ

かのようだ is a set phrase in Japanese indicating that something 'appears to be (A)', but the speaker is not certain. It will be translated as 'as if (A)', or 'just like (A)'. This is a combination of the adverbial particle か, の and the auxiliary verb (よう)だ 'appearing to be'. The more literal meaning can be thought of as 'is it not like (A)?', due to the uncertainty expressed by か.
かのようだ may follow verbs and い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives and nouns followed by である.
  • このVRフライトゲームはものすごくリアルだ。まるで本物(ほんもの)飛行機(ひこうき)操縦(そうじゅう)しているかのようだ
    This VR flight game is so realistic. It is just as if I am flying an actual airplane.
  • なんだこの(しず)けさは。この(まち)には(だれ)もいないかのようだ
    What is this quietness? What is this quietness? It is as if there is no one in this town.
  • (かれ)はまるで(わたし)(はな)すのが面倒(めんどう)であるかのようだ
    He talks to me as if it was a chore.
  • (かれ)(ぼく)兄弟(きょうだい)であるかのようだが、(じつ)(かれ)(ぼく)のパートナーです。
    It is as if he and I are brothers, but actually he is my partner.
When ようだ is altering the meaning of a verb or a noun later in the sentence, ように or ような may also be used.
  • 長谷川(はせがわ)くんのお(かあ)さんは(わたし)自分(じぶん)子供(こども)であるかのように(ちい)さい(ころ)から可愛(かわい)がってくれていた。
    Hasegawa-kun's mother has taken care of me just as if I was her own child.
  • このスーパーに(はい)ると、まるで母国(ぼこく)(かえ)ってきたかのような(かん)じがする。
    When I enter this supermarket, I feel as if I am back in my home country.
This grammar construction will often be seen with expressions that emphasize the speaker's assumption about (A), such as まるで. If compared to English, this merely strengthens the sentence in a similar way to the difference between 'it's as if (A)', and 'it's just as if (A)'.



  • その()(となり)(いえ)子供(こども)とすこし(はな)した。10(さい)子供(こども)でも(しゃべ)(かた)はまるでもう大人(おとな)あるかのようだった

    On that day I spoke to the neighbor's child a bit. Despite being a ten year old, they spoke as if they were an adult.

    • その歌手(かしゅ)()()いは名高(なだか)歌手(かしゅ)あるかのようだが、(じつ)はキャリアを(はじ)めたばかりだ。

      That singer's behavior is as if she is famous, but in reality, she has just begun her career.

      • うちの(いぬ)()きていたとき(わたし)をときどきじろじろ()たもので、あたかも(なに)()いたいかのようだった

        My dog used to stare at me from time to time when it was still around just like it was trying to tell me something.

        • (かれ)はまるで(なか)風船(ふうせん)()れているかのようだ

          It is just as if he has a balloon in his belly.

          • (はじ)めてなのに、分量(ぶんりょう)()かっているかのよう料理(りょうり)(つく)っている。

            Even though it's their first time, they are making food as if they understand how much of each item they need.

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