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N4 Lesson 4: 13/18


To want something, To be in need of

Do not confuse:, ほしくなかった [past negative], with, ほしくなった => ほしい+なる


Noun + + ほしい


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About がほしい

To say that you want something in Japanese, the particle will be combined with the い-Adjective ()しい 'to want (A)', or 'to desire (A)'. This is exactly the same way as other い-Adjectives behave when describing nouns.
  • (あたら)(くるま)()しいけど(いま)(かね)()から()ない
    I want a new car, but I don't have any money right now, so I can't buy one.
  • (いぬ)()しいけどスペース()
    I want a dog, but I don't have space.
This use of ()しい is only used for saying that you want 'things' (nouns). The auxiliary verb たい will be used when saying that you want to 'do' something (verbs).
  • あそこラーメン()餃子(ぎょうざ)()べたい。
    I want to eat gyoza from that ramen shop over there.
However, ほしい may be used with verbs to express that you want another person to do something. This is done through the use of ほしい after the conjunction particle, .
  • (わたし)彼氏(かれし)大事(だいじ)てほしい
    I want my boyfriend to treat me like I am important.
For more detail about this, please see ourてほしい lesson.




    I want money for my birthday.


    More than new shoes, I want a new bag.


    I want things such as nice clothes.


    I want chopsticks that are easy to use.


    I want that beautiful kimono.

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がほしい – Grammar Discussion

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  • LotBlind


    So the “wa”-particle is never correct with this one? Even when it’s in a negative sentence?

  • nekoyama


    I don’t think there’s a special rule for は here that would prevent you from using it. If that’s what you want to say, it can indicate contrast, or a minimum amount, or just make the wanted thing the topic, etc.

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