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N4 Lesson 5: 9/20

ずっと ①

Continuously, All throughout, Entire time, Ever (since), The whole time, All the way


ずっと + Phrase


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About ずっと ①

The adverb ずっと has two primary meanings in Japanese. The first is that something keeps going in a constant state, without ever stopping/resting, and the second is to emphasize an amount of something. We will examine the first meaning in this lesson.
To use ずっと, add it to the beginning of the phrase that you want to highlight as being ongoing.
  • ずっとゲームしないでたま勉強(べんきょう)する
    Instead of continuously gaming, I occasionally also study.
  • ずっと()てたから(あし)(いた)
    I was standing the whole time, so my feet hurt.
Alternatively, ずっと can be used after から, to express that something has been continuing 'ever since' some specific event/point in time.
  • 昨日(きのう)からずっと()ないからメチャ(ねむ)
    I haven't slept at all since yesterday, so I am extremely tired.
  • (あさ)からずっと(なに)()ていないから(なか)()
    I haven't eaten anything at all since morning, so I am hungry.
Fun Fact
ずっと literally means that something is 'unwavering', or 'unfaltering'. Due to this, the statement that ずっと is attached to will always be perceived as being 'far more (A)', or 'to the maximum amount possible for (A)', regardless of whether it is highlighting a noun, verb, or an adjective.


  • (あさ)からずっと(いそが)しいです

    I have been continuously busy since morning.

    • (わたし)子供(こども)(ころ)から(かれ)ずっと()っていません

      I have not met him ever since I was a child.

      • 私達(わたしたち)結婚(けっこん)からずっとここ()んでいます

        Ever since we got married, we have always lived here.

        • 冬休(ふゆやす)ノートパソコン()えるようにずっと(はたら)いていた

          I worked all throughout winter vacation in order to be able to buy a new laptop.

          • 警察(けいさつ):「昨日(きのう)(ばん)(なに)ていたのです。」

            Policeman: 'What did you do last evening?'
            Suspect: 'I was at home the whole time.'

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