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N3 Lesson 7: 2/21

ずっと ②

By far, Way,, Far...more


ずっと + Phrase


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About ずっと ②

In addition to the ずっと used to mean 'always', or 'non-stop', this adverb may also convey that one thing is 'by far (A)', or 'much more (A)' than something else. In these phrases, ずっと usually comes at the beginning of the sentence, before some form of comparison will be made between (A) and (B).
  • さっき()(とり)よりずっと(おお)きかったよ!
    It was much bigger than the bird we saw earlier.
  • それよりずっと(むかし)よ。
    It was way more before that. (That happened way before that)
Fun Fact
Although ずっと as 'ever since', or 'always' may seem quite different to ずっと as 'way more', or 'by far', the literal meanings are actually exactly the same. In all cases, ずっと simply highlights 'an extremely big interval'.
  • ずっと運動(うんどう)していなかったから(からだ)全然(ぜんぜん)(うご)かない
    I haven't exercised for an extremely long interval, so my body does not move at all.
  • そんな(へん)(やつ)よりこっち(ほう)ずっとすごいよ!
    This one is so much better by a lot, compared to that weird thing!




    The sun is far larger than Earth.


    This car looks way better than mine.


    Computers have become much easier to use than before.


    Manga main character: 'From now on I am going to become far, far stronger.'


    This shampoo is much cheaper, but the bottle is small.

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ずっと ② – Grammar Discussion

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  • cineebon


    Bumping because I’d also like to know the answer to this! In what parts of Japan is it only used in way 1?

  • mrnoone


    @cineebon @Johnathan-Weir

    Hey and sorry for the late answer

    I tried but couldn’t remember the place nor find a source about it, so I decided to remove that part for the time being. If I find anything, then I will make sure to respond here.

    I am really sorry for causing confusion and inconvenience

  • cineebon


    Aw, thank you for the response and no worries! If you figure it out, please let us know.

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