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But still, And yet, Even so, Nevertheless


Phrase (A) + それでも + Phrase (B)


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About それでも

それでも is a combination of the pronoun それ, and the adverbial particle でも. It is often translated simply as 'even so', or 'nevertheless'. Literally, it is a bit closer to 'even with that'.
それでも is usually used between an (A) and a (B) phrase, to show that there is more information (usually surprising) to be considered.
  • 今日(きょう)(あめ)()それでも()()の?
    It's going to rain today, even with that, are you still going fishing?
  • (わたし)(なぐ)られたり()られたりするのが(きら)ですそれでも空手(からて)()ので()ないです
    I don't like getting punched or kicked, even so, I like karate so it is hard to quit.
This grammar point primarily expresses that 'even with' what has been said previously, it is not all there is to think about.




    This coffee is sweet but nevertheless, I will add sugar.


    It is said that smoking is bad for you and yet it is tough to quit.


    It is expensive and yet you are still planning on buying it?


    That couple is always fighting. Nevertheless they often go on trips together.


    The teacher got the flu. Nevertheless he still came to school.

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