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Due to, Because of, As a result of

Often used with verb in past tense.


Verb + ため(に)
[い]Adjective + ため(に)
[な]Adjective + + ため(に)
Noun + + ため(に)


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About ために

ため (or (ため) in its kanji form) is a noun in Japanese that can be translated quite closely to 'sake' in English. However, it is classified as a non-independent word in Japanese, and must always be connected to another word which illustrates the 'sake' that ため is highlighting. The case marking particle に will often be added after ため, to show that (A) is a goal that something will done to reach.
However, when used with verbs in the past tense, ために more frequently highlights that something happened 'due to (A)', rather than 'for the sake of (A)'. Because of this, a more accurate description of ため in all situations is 'in light of (A)'. This expresses that (A) is the primary or major event/thing that resulted in (B).
To use ために as 'in light of', 'as a result of', or 'because of', attach it to the end of verb in its past form, or a noun follow by の. It may also be used after い-Adjectives or な-Adjectives in their attributive form.
  • 昨日(きのう)()(かい)(さけ)沢山(たくさん)()んだために今日(きょう)二日酔(ふつかよ)いで身体(からだ)だるい。
    Because I drank a lot of alcohol at the party last night, I am tired today with a hangover.
  • (あつ)ために職場(しょくば)何人(なんにん)(たお)れた。
    Due to it being hot, a few people have passed out at work.
  • このアプリは便利(べんり)ために、ユーザーがどんどん()てきた
    Due to this app being useful, the number of users are steadily growing.
  • 大雨(おおあめ)ため、サッカー試合(しあい)中止(ちゅうし)します。
    Due to heavy rain, we will be canceling the soccer tournament.
This 'in light of (A)' nuance can be used in reference to things that have already happened (as above), or in reference to something that is considered as the purpose of an action (as in our other ために grammar point).
  • 空手(からて)試合(しあい)()ために毎日(まいにち)(よる)(おそ)まで練習(れんしゅう)ています
    In order to win the karate tournament, I practice every day until late at night.
  • 昨日(きのう)(よる)(おそ)まで練習(れんしゅう)ていたため今日(きょう)(なに)もしくないです
    Due to me practicing until late at night last night, I don't want to do anything today.




    The game was canceled due to the typhoon.


    My car broke down due to the cold.


    As a result of passing the exam, I was able to go to my first pick school.


    The car broke down due to the cold.


    I have a hard time getting to sleep due to drinking too much coffee.

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