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In short, To sum up, In other words


Phrase (A)。つまり + (Summary) Phrase (B)


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About つまり

つまり (or ()まり) is a word in Japanese that is often used as an adverb. It takes a previous statement (said either by the speaker or by someone else) and summarizes it. This translates as 'in short', 'in other words', and similar expressions in English.
  • ハマサキさんまた(なに)()わず(やす)んだのですか?つまりまた無断(むだん)欠勤(けっきん)という(こと)ですね。
    Hamasaki-san didn't come to work without saying anything again? In other words, he ditched work again, didn't he?
  • 彼氏(かれし)本当(ほんとう)(わか)れたの?つまり、もうあんな(やつ)(かか)わらなくていいということ
    Did you really break up with your boyfriend? In other words, that means we don't have to deal with him anymore?
  • また(だれ)(やめ)めたんですか?つまり(いま)すぐ(あたら)しい(ひと)()()ないといけないという(こと)ですね。
    Someone quit again ? In other words, we need to find a new person as soon as possible, right?
Fun Fact
つまり comes from verb ()まる meaning to become 'packed', or 'condensed'. This means that the literal translation is of つまり is quite similar to its English interpretation.
  • あなたは昨日(きのう)一日(いちにち)(じゅう)(いえ)ゲームして、(いえ)(こと)(なに)もしなかったってことですね。つまり一日(いちにち)(じゅう)ダラダラしていたという(こと)ですね。
    You are saying that you were at home playing video games without doing any chores yesterday. Condensed, you were being lazy. (In short)




    They said anytime tomorrow is good. To sum up, it seems that even late at night is ok.


    He's always breaking his promises to me. In other words it seems that he isn't fond of me, right?


    This is an electric car. In other words it doesn't need gasoline.

    A:「 問題(もんだい)()きました。」
    B: 「()まり(なに)()いたいんですか?」

    A: 'We have a problem.'
    B: 'In short, what are you trying to say?'


    I gave a very long explanation but, in short, we concluded that it was a failure.

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  • Ambo100


    Perhaps an easy way to remember this, would be to use this phonetic mnemonic:

    ツマリ - つまり
    サマリ - summary

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