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N2 Lesson 3: 17/23


To sum up, In summary, In short

要するに can only take an initial position in the sentence.


(よう)するに + Phrase


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About 要するに

(よう)するに is an expression in Japanese used to highlight important information in a similar way to 'to sum up', 'in summary', or 'in short' in English. It is a combination of the する-Verb (よう) 'to need', or 'to require', and に. Literally it means something similar to 'as for what's necessary (A)'.
This is a phrase that will only ever take the initial position in a sentence, before expressing a condensed version of what has previously been said.
  • (よう)するに、あなたは履歴書(りれきしょ)(うそ)()いたと()(こと)ですね。
    In short, this means that you lied on your resume, doesn't it?
  • (よう)するに小麦(こむぎ)(はい)っている()(もの)()べれないと()(こと)ですね?
    So, in summary, I can't eat any food that has wheat in it?
  • (よう)するに(おれ)はあいつに使(つか)われていたと()うことだ。
    In short, I was being used by him.




    Bank clerk: 'In summary, if there is not enough money on the debit card, you won't be able to use it.'


    Car mechanic: 'In short, it's better to replace the whole machine, rather than just parts.'


    In short, it is all the same to you?


    In summary, without exception, you must not use agricultural chemicals, right?


    In summary, you don't feel like undertaking jobs that are inefficient, right?

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