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To sum up, In summary, In short

要するに can only take an initial position in the sentence.


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About 要するに

(よう)するに is an expression in Japanese used to highlight important information in a similar way to 'to sum up', 'in summary', or 'in short' in English. It is a combination of the する-Verb (よう) 'to need', or 'to require', and に. Literally it means something similar to 'as for what's necessary (A)'.
This is a phrase that will only ever take the initial position in a sentence, before expressing a condensed version of what has previously been said.
  • (よう)するに、あなたは履歴書(りれきしょ)(うそ)()いたと()(こと)ですね。
    In short, this means that you lied on your resume, doesn't it?
  • (よう)するに小麦(こむぎ)(はい)っている()(もの)()べれないと()(こと)ですね?
    So, in summary, I can't eat any food that has wheat in it?
  • (よう)するに(おれ)はあいつに使(つか)われていたと()うことだ。
    In short, I was being used by him.


  • 行員(こういん):「(よう)する(かね)()りない場合(ばあい)デビットカードを使(つか)えないということです。」

    Bank clerk: 'In summary, if there is not enough money on the debit card, you won't be able to use it.'

  • (くるま)職人(しょくにん):「(よう)する部品(ぶひん)()えるよりも機械(きかい)()()えればいいってことだ。」

    Car mechanic: 'In short, it's better to replace the whole machine, rather than just parts.'

  • (よう)する(なん)でもいいよね?

    In short, it is all the same to you?

  • (よう)する農薬(のうやく)一切(いっさい)使(つか)ってはいけないということですよね?

    In summary, without exception, you must not use agricultural chemicals, right?

  • (よう)する能率(のうりつ)(わる)仕事(しごと)()()ける()がないんですね。

    In summary, you don't feel like undertaking jobs that are inefficient, right?

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