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With, By (using)


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About で

is a particle that has several different uses in Japanese. At its core, it is always used to highlight something that is 'required' to perform some sort of action/reach some kind of goal. One of these uses relates to 'things'. This comes across as 'by' or 'with' in English.

In these sentences, the item is considered essential for the action to be performed. While other items may be used, simply highlights the one that was chosen.

is also used when groups of people perform actions together, this is something that many people learning Japanese have trouble with initially (because may also be used as 'with' for people). However, the use of is actually the same as this by/with, meaning that the speaker considers the group as the tool used for performing the action.

The difference between and as 'with', is that is used when everyone in the group has the same objective/end goal. is used when each person is performing the action toward each other, not toward an external objective.




    I go by bus.


    I go to school by bus.


    By bicycle is good.


    By bicycle.


    Are you coming by train?

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で – Grammar Discussion

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  • mrnoone



    You are absolutely right! The examples are kind of monothematic.
    I will fix it!
    Thank you very much for the feedback.

  • Bambamlindsay


    Hate to say this, but you haven’t fixed it yet

  • Pushindawood


    @Bambamlindsay Welcome to the community! It did take us a little while, but we actually added a whole new grammar page to cover the other uses of て/で when it is used to express “by means of” or “in the manner of.” Cheers!

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