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N1 Lesson 4: 13/17


Every single, Each and every, Emphasis, Everything that could be called


Noun (A) + いう + Noun (A)


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About という

One of the uses of the extremely common という structure in Japanese is the pairing of identical nouns in order to convey the meaning of 'every single (A)'. In many cases, this expression will simply be used for emphasis, but the literal meaning is 'every (B) that could be called an (A)'.
という will be used between the same noun repeating itself.
  • ()()(はい)ったら(ゆか)という(ゆか)(すべ)てゴミに(おお)われていたのでびっくりした。
    When I entered the vacant house, I was surprised because every single floor was covered in garbage.
  • この(まち)電柱(でんちゅう)という電柱(でんちゅう)広告(こうこく)()(がみ)沢山(たくさん)()られてあったので、(まち)(ひと)たちが()(がみ)(すべ)撤去(てっきょ)した。
    There were so many advertising posters on every single telephone pole in this city that the people of the city removed all the posters.
  • 世界(せかい)各国(かっこく)(えら)(ひと)たちが()るということで、サミットの(ちか)くの(みち)という(みち)閉鎖(へいさ)されている。
    Every single road near the summit was closed due to the fact that important people from all over the world are coming.
When this structure is seen with abstract expressions like 今日(きょう) 'today', it will generally mean '(A) of all (A)'s'. This just implies that 'of anything that can be called (A), this particular one has something special about it'. What that special thing is will usually follow immediately after in the sentence.
  • 今日(きょう)という今日(きょう)絶対(ぜったい)あいつを(ゆる)さない!
    I will not forgive him today of all days!
  • 今度(こんど)という今度(こんど)優勝(ゆうしょう)してみせる!
    I will win THIS TIME!




    When I went into Sena's room, I was shocked to see that every single wall was decorated with photos of Yozora.


    Every single politician is nothing but talk.


    Every single tree that was growing on the mountain collapsed due to the landslide.


    'I absolutely will not allow it TODAY.'


    (They were) born and raised in Nagoya. Therefore, (they) know every single street and each and every house in the city.

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