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N1 Lesson 4: 14/17


Not limited to, Not only...but also, Not stopping at


Verb + にとどまら
Noun + (である)+ にとどまら
[な]Adjective + である + にとどまら


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About にとどまらず

にとどまらず is a formal structure that pairs the case marking particle に, the う-Verb (とど)まる 'to remain', or 'to be limited to', and the classical auxiliary verb ず 'not'. にとどまらず is generally translated as 'not limited to (A)', or 'not stopping at (A)', and follows words indicating an extent, before going on to explain how something spreads beyond (A).
にとどまらず will be seen following either nouns, or verbs in their dictionary form.
  • (かれ)会社(かいしゃ)経費(けいひ)管理(かんり)するにとどまらず社員(しゃいん)給料(きゅうりょう)管理(かんり)している。
    He not only manages the company's expenses, but also the salaries of its employees.
  • 先生(せんせい)授業(じゅぎょう)(おこな)にとどまらず部活(ぶかつ)指導(しどう)などもしなくてはならない。
    Teachers must not only teach classes, but also supervise club activities.
  • 寿司(すし)日本(にほん)にとどまらず世界中(せかいじゅう)人気(にんき)がある。
    Sushi is popular not only in Japan but all over the world.
  • この漫画(まんが)子供(こども)にとどまらず大人(おとな)(あいだ)でも話題(わだい)になっている。
    This manga is not limited to children, but has become a topic of conversation among adults as well.
This expression may be used to highlight either positive or negative effects.
にとどまらず will only be used when (B) is something that is expanding outward from the pre-existing boundaries of (A). This means that (B) will not be something that isn't directly tied to (A) somehow.
  • このコンサートのチケットにとどまらず限定(げんてい)グッズなども(たか)かった。
    Not only were tickets to this concert expensive, but also limited edition merchandise. (Unnatural Japanese)


  • (はざま)博士(はかせ)研究分野(けんきゅうぶんや)遺伝学(いでんがく)にとどまらず微生物学(びせいぶつがく)まで(およ)ぶ。

    Doctor Hazama's field of research is not limited to genetics, but it also extends to microbiology.

    • 会社(かいしゃ)ウェブサイト:「当社(とうしゃ)製品(せいひん)販売(はんばい)するにとどまらずその商品(しょうひん)設計(せっけい)もいたします。」

      Company website: 'Our company is not only selling products but also designing them.'

      • 共感(きょうかん)人間(にんげん)だけにとどまらず動物(どうぶつ)にも()られるものである

        Compassion is not only limited to humans but is something that can also be observed in animals.

        This is often used together with だけ.

        • ボックスステーション7日本国内(にほんこくない)にとどまらず海外(かいがい)でも普及(ふきゅう)しています。

          Boxstation7 is not only popular in Japan, but also abroad.

          • (わたし)運営(うんえい)しているフィットネスの利用者(りようしゃ)(わか)男女(だんじょ)にとどまらず高齢者(こうれいしゃ)障害者(しょうがいしゃ)にまで(およ)びます。

            Among my fitness operation's consumers, not limited to young men and women, they also extend to the elderly and handicapped.

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