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It is said that, Is known as


Phrase + いわれている


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About といわれている

といわれている is often translated as 'to be said that (A)', or 'it is known that (A)'. Like とされている, it is another construction that links the case marking particle, with the passive form of another verb, to mark a commonly held/public opinion. The verb in this case being ()う.
However, unlike とされている which expresses a 'result', といわれている expresses 引用(いんよう) a 'quotation'. To use といわれている, add it to the end of a phrase that you would like to express as being a common thing that is said.
  • 大阪(おおさか)タコ()日本一(にほんいち)美味(おい)といわれている
    It is said that Osaka's takoyaki is the most delicious in Japan.
  • ティフアナ世界一(せかいいち)危険(きけん)(まち)といわれている
    It is said that Tijuana is the most dangerous city in the world.
This particular grammar point is regularly seen both with, and without the kanji for ()う, as the meaning will not change depending on its usage.




    It is said that this town has a lot of famous foods.


    Because it is said that it is dangerous, you shouldn't do it.


    It is often said that my little sister can sing songs well.


    It is said that the lion is the king of the jungle.


    It is said that if you eat protein, you will gain power.

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といわれている – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (14 in total)

  • SevenZeven


    Ah thank you! I think understanding this will help me remember it

  • Ambo100


    Revisiting this grammar point from my understanding the difference is:

    Repeating or reporting on something that has been said by someone else.

    Reporting on a wildly held belief or opinion held by others.

  • ShinobiTay


    from the textbook 完全マスター it say といわれている something that is generally believed, more like people say that. which is very similar to me とされいてる is widely considered 。 does anyone know if they are interchangeable if so when or not? is とされているmore stuffy?

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