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N4 Lesson 10: 16/18


To be considered, To be deemed, Be regarded as, Be accepted as, To be said, To be accredited with


Verb + されている
[い]Adjective + されている
[な]Adjective + () + されている
Noun + () + されている


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About とされている

とされている is an expression that is commonly translated as 'to be considered as (A)', or 'to be regarded as (A)'. Conceptually, it is similar to にする, which means 'to decide on (A)'. However, due to する being in the passive form in this construction, it is closer to 'to be decided on', and expresses the general opinions/thoughts of large groups of people.
The in this expression is a case marking particle, and expresses the result nuance of this particle.
  • (いま)()(だい)インターネット必要(ひつよう)とされている
    In current times, the internet is widely considered to be necessary.
  • これ二コラテスラ発明(はつめい)したものとされている
    This is considered to be something invented by Nikola Tesla.
The main difference between as a case marking particle and as a conjunction particle is that the case-marking particle will always link a single word/phrase to one specific word/result. The conjunction particle on the other hand, will often be followed by a 読点(とうてん) (Japanese comma), as it is separating two distinct thoughts within the sentence, rather than just a simple 'result'.
  • (みず)(こおり)
    Water becomes ice. (As a result of transformation, water will be ice)
  • 温度(おんど)0()(みず)(こおり)
    If the temperature is 0 degrees, it results in water becoming ice.




    Essay/article: 'The number 13 is considered unlucky by the Polish.'


    Dissertation: 'Sweeteners are deemed to not be the source of cancer, but more research is needed.'


    Dissertation: 'With time, jazz came to be widely accepted as 'America's classical music' rather than 'the music of the devil'.'


    Language school website: 'When learning a foreign language the thing that is considered the most important is studying without missing a single day, that is - continuity.'


    Dissertation: 'The exact cause of Jim Morrison's death is (widely) regarded to be unknown.'

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とされている – Grammar Discussion

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  • FredKore


    This hint sounds strange. Maybe:

    • It is going off the assumption that (A) is true.
    • It assumes (A) is true.
    • (Or just remove that line – the hint works without it – “(A) is true” doesn’t trigger the memory of any grammar point.)

  • CrisH





    I came here to mention this! It’s not mentioned in the details for the grammar point. As a result, it doesn’t help you remember.
    Also, one of the examples mentions WP40, but WP40 is a smoke grenade while WD40 is an oil-based lubricant!

  • FredKore


    Huh. 11 months later and still there.

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