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N3 Lesson 7: 9/21


In line with, Comparable with, Along with, Just like, As … as


Noun + (なら)んで
Noun + (なら)ほど


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About と並んで

Often, when the case marking particle と is used alongside the conjunction particle て containing form of the う - Verb (なら)ぶ 'to line up', the meaning of 'to be comparable with (A)', or 'to be in line with (A)' will be conveyed.
(なら)んで will be preceded by nouns, or noun phrases.
  • このアニメはサザエさん(なら)んで日本中(にほんじゅう)(あい)されている
    This anime is as loved as Sazae-san in Japan. (In line with the same level of love)
  • ここはきしめんも手羽先(てばさき)(なら)んで人気(にんき)です
    Here, kishimen is comparable in popularity to chicken wings.
Occasionally, the plain form of (なら)ぶ can be seen alongiside ほど, to show that (B) is 'at the extent of being in line with (A)'.
  • 日産(にっさん)はトヨタ(なら)ほど(くるま)()ています
    Nissan produces about in line with the same number of cars as Toyota.
  • この映画(えいが)あの映画(えいが)(なら)ほどいいほとんど(ひと)この映画(えいが)(えら)ぶ。
    This movie is almost comparable to that movie in how good it is, but most people would choose this one.


  • この芸術作品(げいじゅつさくひん)はモナ・リザ(なら)んで(たか)評価(ひょうか)されている。

    This piece of art is valued as highly as Mona Lisa.

  • ラーメンもまた、寿司(すし)(なら)んで人気(にんき)日本食(にほんしょく)だ。

    In line with sushi, ramen is also a popular Japanese food.

  • 喫煙(きつえん)()(もの)(なら)んで(がん)()()こす確率(かくりつ)(たか)

    Smoking has as high a probability of causing cancer as deep-fried foods do.

  • 東京(とうきょう)大学(だいがく)慶應義塾(けいおうぎじゅく)大学(だいがく)早稲田(わせだ)大学(だいがく)(なら)んで日本(にほん)屈指(くっし)大学(だいがく)として(かんが)えられている。

    The University of Tokyo, along with Keio University and Waseda University, are considered to be Japan's best universities.

  • 宮崎(みやざき)駿(はやお)小津(おず)安二郎(やすじろう)黒澤(くろさわ)(あきら)(なら)んで日本(にほん)三大(さんだい)監督(かんとく)一人(ひとり)()われている。

    Hayao Miyazaki is said to be one of the three great Japanese directors, along with Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu.

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