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Along, In accordance with, In line with


Noun + にそっ
Noun + にそった(1) + Noun

(1) にそう


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About に沿って

When used with the case marking particle に, the う-Verb 沿()う 'to run alongside' in its て-form expresses that something is going 'along with (A)', 'in accordance with (A)', or 'in line with (A)'. This is primarily in relation to laws, conventions, traditions, needs, and other things which are not usually deviated away from. The nuance with this particular grammar structure is that (A) is the controlling factor, and (B) is being done with that in consideration.
沿()って may also appear with the verb in its standard form when paired with a second noun, in order to modify that noun.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)のルール沿()って残業(ざんぎょう)をする(かた)(かなら)ずタイムカードを()してからにしてください。
    In accordance with company rules, please make sure to clock-in before you begin overtime.
  • クライアント(さま)希望(きぼう)沿()方向(ほうこう)(すす)めたいと(おも)います。
    We would like to proceed in accordance with the client's wishes.
  • 予算(よさん)(ない)でお客様(きゃくさま)のご希望(きぼう)沿()った(うち)()てれるよう全力(ぜんりょく)()くします!
    We will do our best to build you a home in accordance with your needs and within your budget!
As the base meaning of 沿()う is 'to follow along', it will also regularly be seen in relation to going along some specific path or street.
  • この点線(てんせん)沿()って()ってください。
    Please cut along this dotted line.
While this grammar structure is relatively formal, when literally meaning 'alongside', it will be used fairly frequently.





    'If you go along the street, the supermarket will eventually come into view'.


    We plan on developing new products in line with our clients' expectations.


    Manual: 'In case of fire, the employees should gather in front of the supermarket in accordance with the evacuation plan.'


    If they make it in accordance with this sample, most people can do it well.


    Please lead the meeting in accordance with the script.

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に沿って – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (3 in total)

  • garlicdog


    In “マニュアル:従業員は火災の際、避難計画にそってスーパーの前に集めること” why isn’t it “nisotta” instead of “nisotte”? Isn’t “suupaa” treated as a noun here?

  • nekoyama


    スーパー is a noun, but if it was modified by the clause it would be the supermarket itself that’s in accordance with the evacuation plan.

    So this is the first case, where the clause describes the entire phrase “gather in front of the supermarket”.

  • dokidokiwakuwaku


    When would this point be used versus に従って? For example, in the example sentence ”先生!時間割に沿って授業を進めた方がいいと思います,” would に従って not work in place of に沿って? Thank you!

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