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N2 Lesson 8: 8/22


Surely, Bound to, Certainly, Be decided


Verb + ()まっている
[い]Adjective + ()まっている
[な]Adjective + ()まっている
Noun + ()まっている


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About に決まっている

()まっている is a strong expression which indicates that (A) is something that the speaker either strongly believes to be true (but cannot confirm), or that they believe that (A) is only natural. These meanings primarily end up being translated as 'surely (A)', 'bound to be (A)', or 'certainly (A)'. As this structure is a combination of に and the ている-form of the う-Verb ()まる 'to decide', the closest literal translation is 'for (A) to be decisively the case'.
()まっている may appear directly following verbs, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives or nouns.
  • あの選手(せんしゅ)(あし)(はや)いから()()まっている
    That athlete is fast at running, so they are bound to win.
  • いくらクリフダイビングのプロでも、あの(たか)さからダイブするのは(こわ)()まってる
    Diving off a cliff that high is surely scary, even for a professional cliff diver.
  • この(いえ)はあの有名(ゆうめい)建設会社(けんせつがいしゃ)()てた(いえ)だから、丈夫(じょうぶ)()まってる
    This house was built by that famous construction company, so it is bound to be sturdy.
  • あの(ひと)はみんなに()かれているからいい(ひと)()まっている
    That person is liked by everyone, so he is bound to be a good person.
()まっている primarily focuses on the speaker's subjective opinion about (A). This means that it takes into consideration their own preformed opinions or thoughts about (A), regardless of what the actual facts may be.




    Linux Nerd: '2018 is bound to be the year of Linux on the desktop.'


    Wife: 'Did you enjoy the dinner?'
    Husband: 'Any meal made by you is bound to be delicious.'


    Eating sweets every day is certainly no good!


    Excellent craftsmen are bound to always find good jobs.


    Since it is him, he is bound to be a good person.

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