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N2 Lesson 2: 17/24


As, Following, As then, According to, In accordance with


Verb[る]+ にしたがっ(1)
Noun + にしたがっ(1)

(1) にしたが


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About にしたがって

By grouping the う-Verb (したが)う 'to comply' with に, a common pattern meaning 'to comply with (A)', 'in accordance with (A)', or 'following (A)' will be created. This is a fairly strong and formal structure, indicating that (B) is being controlled or heavily influenced by (A). (B) will often express some kind of ongoing or sudden change caused by (A).
(したが)って may appear after either verbs of nouns in their dictionary forms.
  • (とし)()(したが)って()がどんどん(わる)くなっていってる()がする。
    I feel like my eyes are getting worse and worse as I get older.
  • テレワークの普及(ふきゅう)(すす)(したが)って通勤(つうきん)するサラリーマンが()っていっている。
    As teleworking becomes more widespread, the number of office workers commuting to work is decreasing.
  • (ぼく)はただ上司(じょうし)指示(しじ)(したが)って仕事(しごと)(すす)めていただけです。
    I was just following my boss' instructions to get the job done.
  • この説明書(せつめいしょ)(したが)って、パソコンの初期(しょき)設定(せってい)(おこな)ってください。
    Please follow these instructions to perform the initial setup of your computer.
As this expression is quite formal, it is common to see it used in relation to matters that are usually discussed in formal or official situations, such as laws, standards, conventions, or traditions.





    As years pass by, non-renewable resources continue to run out.


    In accordance with the constitution, the new law will be established.


    As the internet spreads all over the world, access to information becomes easier than before.


    I feel like as you age, good ideas gradually stop coming to mind.


    If you progress in accordance with these tracks, you will surely be able to see everyone.

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