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It is...that..., It is...who..., the one that..., the one who...


Phrase + + Noun + (ほう)
Noun + + + Noun + (ほう)


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About のはXの方だ

のは~の(ほう)だ is an expression used to show that (A) (usually despite expectations) is (B). It can be translated as 'the one that (A), is (B)'. This phrase is made up of the following parts:
のは - Used for nominalization (creating a noun phrase). は highlights contrast between two (or more) elements.
(ほう) - A combination of の, the case marking particle, and (ほう), a noun meaning 'side', or 'direction'.
(or です) - The auxiliary verb used for 'determining' something.
The literal meaning of this grammar point is something similar to 'that which is (A), is on the side of (B)'. By saying that something is on the 'side' of (B), it comes across more gently than expressly stating that it 'is (B)'.
To use this construction, attach のは to the end of a phrase, and then follow it with a noun + の(ほう)だ. Note that のは will become なのは if the final word before のは is a noun.
  • ()()したのは(おれ)(ほう)から(おれ)なんとかしておくよ。
    I am the one that said it, so I will do something about it.
  • そのコップ(こわ)したのはタケル(ほう)(おれ)関係(かんけい)ないよ!
    The one that broke the cup is Takeru! I have nothing to do with it!
Fun Fact
This phrase is often used apologetically, to express that someone feels that they are the individual who is (more) responsible (for causing a certain outcome).
  • (あやま)なければいけないのは(わたし)(ほう)ですよ。あなたは(なに)(わる)くないです
    The one that needs to apologize is me. You are not in the wrong at all.




    'It is my fault! I am so sorry!'
    'You are not at fault. I am the one who should apologize.'


    It was I who told on you, not her, so leave her alone.


    I think that Ki-chan was the one who left the doors open (not me).


    I am the one who wanted to invite Sakamoto-kun at that time.


    The owner is the one who I am afraid of, not the dog.

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