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N5 Lesson 10: 7/12

(Adjective) + のは

The 'one' that... (Indefinite pronoun, Adjective nominalization)


[な]Adjective + + + は(1)
[い]Adjective + + は(1)



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About Adjective + の(は)

One of the roles that the particle can take in Japanese is replacing a noun that has already been mentioned, or one that has not been mentioned yet. In this way, it is similar to 'the one that (A)' in English. When using this expression, we will need to use before , when a な-Adjective is being used.

When using this expression, will be followed by , , or , depending on what the speaker/writer wants to express.


may be used more than once in the same sentence, referring to the same noun.

  • ここある(くるま)(なか)()のはあの(あか)
    Out of the cars that are here, the one that I like is that red one over there.




    The one that is new is his car.


    The one that is energetic is the manager.


    The one that is difficult is history.


    The only (one) thing that is great about her is her clothes.


    I also like the heat, so it's alright if I don't have an air conditioner.

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Adjective + の(は) – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (15 in total)

  • asdfpotato


    The way I had to think about this one was to throw out the 彼女が part of the sentence for a moment.

    素敵なのは服だけだ - Only the clothes are good.

    彼女が - The girl (we are talking about)

    彼女が素敵なのは服だけだ - The girl (that we are talking about), only her clothes are good.

    人格良くないし、彼女が素敵なのは服だけだ - Her personality is not good, the only good thing (about her) is her clothes.

    The last example you can omit because it is redundant, or possibly it was previously established.

  • tai


    I see, thanks! my brain doesn’t naturally parse the sentence like that, but I understand the structure now and I guess it’s just a matter of time.

  • pasi


    Why does 「この家の中で一番明るい部屋はどれ?」息子の部屋が一番明るい not take のは? Is it just because it is at the end of the sentence? The grammar point text doesn’t give any examples of it without the second particle.

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