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N1 Lesson 5: 4/17

ままに (As Desired)

As (one likes, feels or pleases), Spur of the moment, Wherever one fancies, Spontaneously, On a whim


Verb[る]+ (が)+ まま(に)


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About まま(に)

Unlike the ままに that is partnered with passive structures like れる and られる 'to do as one is told', when paired with verbs in their standard forms, ままに means 'to do (A) as one wishes', or 'to do (A) on a whim'. ままに is a combination of the noun まま 'as is', and the case marking particle に.
ままに will follow verbs in their dictionary form.
  • これはもうあなたのものだから、自分(じぶん)(おも)ままに使(つか)えばいいよ。
    This is yours now, so you can use it as you see fit.
  • (ぼく)はしばらくの(あいだ)一人(ひとり)で、(あし)()ままに(たび)をする。
    I will be alone for a while, traveling wherever my feet take me.
  • 文法(ぶんぽう)とかは()にしなくていい!ただ(おも)いつくままに()いてくれればいい。
    There is no need to worry about grammar! Just write whatever comes to mind.
In many cases, this use of ままに indicates that the speaker or doer is letting the action of (A) happen in whatever way is most natural, and is not making any particular effort to control the outcome. Due to this, there are only a limited number of verbs that are commonly used with ままに, and it is best not to attempt to use combinations that you have not come across before.
Some standard sequences are ()()くままに 'in whatever way my attention is inclined', (おも)うままに 'in whatever way I think up', (おも)いつくままに 'in whatever way I come up with', (あし)()くままに 'in whatever direction my feet are pointed', (おもむ)くままに 'in whatever way it proceeds', (ほっ)するままに 'in whatever way is desired', and (かぜ)()くままに 'in whatever way the wind blows'.




    Interview with an author: 'Previously, I wrote many things as they spontaneously came to my mind, but because I felt the end product was not very good, I decided not to publish them.'


    A: 'Where is Jiraya?'
    B: 'Dunno. He went somewhere.'
    A: 'As always, he goes wherever the wind takes him.'


    Mr. Morgan to Mr. Christian: 'It belongs to you, so feel free to handle it as you please.'


    Abstract painters choose shapes and colors as they please, without thinking deeply about them.


    Novel: 'She kept on going as her feet led her, without any particular goal or destination in mind.'

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