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Everything and anything, From A to Z, From head to toe, Everything


(なに)から(なに)まで + Phrase


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About 何から何まで

(なに)から(なに)まで is a set phrase that may be interpreted in a very similar way to expressions like 'everything from A to Z', 'everything and anything', or 'from head to toe' in English. Being a construction of (なに) 'whatever', から 'from', (なに) 'whatever', and まで 'until', the literal meaning is similar to 'from whatever to whatever', and just indicates that there is no limit to what is included in a certain category.
This expression is often used in a similar way to adverbs, meaning that it will appear at the beginning of a sentence, before describing the situation further.
  • 浜崎(はまさき)さんは()りのことなら(なに)から(なに)まで()っているから、(なに)()からない(こと)があったら浜崎(はまさき)さんに()きな。
    Mr. Hamasaki knows everything and anything about fishing, so if you have any questions, ask him.
  • (なに)から(なに)まですみません。
    Sorry for everything.
  • うちの()勉強(べんきょう)にしろ家事(かじ)にしろ、(なに)から(なに)までいい加減(かげん)だから(こま)っちゃうわ。
    My son does everything halfheartedly, whether it's his studies or chores, so I'm frustrated.
(なに)から(なに)まで is also frequently used in a similar way to 'absolutely everything' in English, and will appear in phrases where the speaker is expressing thanks or gratitude to someone for all that they have done.
  • (なに)から(なに)までありがとうございました。
    Thank you so much for everything.
  • この1(ねん)(かん)(なに)から(なに)まで世話(せわ)になり本当(ほんとう)にありがとうございました。
    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the past year.




    Chat between neighbors about a child: 'Eren resembles his mother from head to toe.' (anything and everything)


    Chat between friends: 'I heard that Mr. Jouichirou knows everything and anything when it comes to cooking.' (from A to Z)


    Detective, about suspect: 'His story was all a lie, from A to Z.' (anything and everything)


    'I am sorry about everything.' (from A to Z/anything and everything)


    Student, to a teacher: 'Mr. Onizuka, thank you very much for everything you have done.' (anything and everything/from A to Z)

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