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N3 Lesson 4: 16/21

くらい ②

To the extent that, So…that, About the only thing that...

くらい and ぐらい may be used 100% interchangeably, but ぐらい is far more common in speech


Verb + くらい(1)
[い]Adjective + くらい(1)
[な]Adjective + + くらい(1)
Noun + くらい(1)

(1) ぐらい


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About くらい ②

Often, the noun くらい is used as an adverbial particle. This use of くらい (or ぐらい) expresses the limit of something, in a similar way to ほど. This means that it can be translated as 'about (A)', 'so (A) that (B)', or '(A) to the extent of (B)'. Let's take a look at a few examples.
  • 今日(きょう)もう一生(いっしょう)(はし)くないくらい(はし)った。
    Today, I ran so much that I don't want to run again in my whole life.
  • わたしも(さけ)びたいくらい(こわ)かった。
    I was so scared that I wanted to scream too.
  • 5連休(れんきゅう)必要(ひつよう)ぐらい(つか)ています
    I am tired to the extent that it is necessary for me to have 5 days off.
  • (おれ)もキヨミさんくらいピアノ()けるようになりたい
    I want to be able to play the piano to about the level of Kiyomi-san.
Despite translating in the above ways, we can see that this use of くらい is similar to the standard kanji use (くらい), which literally means a 'rank', or 'grade' of something. What this means is that (A) will usually be considered to be at the 'grade' of something that was required in order to cause/allow (B).


  • ()しかしたくないくらい(つか)れている。

    I am so tired that I don't want to do anything but sleep.

  • プロ選手(せんしゅ)ぐらい上手(じょうず)になりたい。

    I want to be skilled to the extent that pro athletes are.

  • (すこ)日本語(にほんご)(はな)せるぐらい勉強(べんきょう)したことがある。

    I have studied to the extent that I can speak a little Japanese.

  • (あに)(ひさ)()りにアメリカから(かえ)った。(あに)だとわからないくらい()わってしまった。

    My brother returned home for the first time in a long time from America. He changed, to the extent that I didn't recognize that it was him.

  • みんなを()かすくらいスパイシーなチリのサラダ(つく)った。

    I made a chili salad so spicy that it made everyone cry.

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くらい ② – Grammar Discussion

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  • DarkConfidant


    This seems similar to ほど.

    Are there any major differences one should be aware of?

  • Ambo100


  • casual


    Is adding の after くらい・ぐらい incorrect?

    Intuition hints it should be fine sometimes, and I’ve found some examples where it is added, but I don’t think Bunpro addresses that in examples.


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