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Even, To even, To the extent of


Verb[る]+ まで()
Noun + まで()


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About まで

The adverbial particle まで is used in the same way as many other adverbial particles, in that it is highlighting that the statement that comes after it as important in some way. However, unlike our first look at まで, which discussed its use as 'until', this use of まで has the nuance of 'even', or 'to the extent'. It can be used after verbs or nouns.
  • (わたし)(かね)(はら)まで旅行(りょこう)()たくない
    I would not go to the extent of paying money to go traveling.
  • (なか)すきすぎ(だい)(きら)バナナまで()
    Because I was so hungry, I even ate a banana, which I hate.
Although using まで as 'even' may seem different to 'until', they are essentially the same thing in Japanese. This is because まで always means '(A) まで, (B)', where (A) is the 'limitation/extent', and (B) is the 'noteworthy factor'. This 'noteworthy factor' will usually be a descriptive word/phrase, such as a verb, adjective, or explanation.
  • バイクまで()ている
    You even have a bike?
  • 一回(いっかい)(わら)たら面白(おもしろ)ない(はな)までおかしくなる
    Once you start laughing, even uninteresting topics become funny.
Fun Fact
The particle is sometimes grouped together with まで, when the meaning is 'even'. This just adds emphasis to the fact that the event is somewhat surprising, or that the result is satisfying.
  • (わたし)スポーツカーまで()ています
    I even have a sports car.


  • 夜中(よなか)まで日本語(にほんご)文法(ぶんぽう)勉強(べんきょう)ている

    I'm studying Japanese grammar even in the middle of the night.

  • (なか)()ているとき(くま)果実(かじつ)まで()べる

    Bears will even go as far as to eat berries when they are hungry.

  • (かね)(はら)ってまでテスト()けたくない

    I don't want to go to the extent of paying money to take the test.

  • (あたま)まで(いた)くなってきた

    Even my head is starting to hurt.

  • (きみ)たちいたからここまで()られた。

    Because you guys were here, we were able to come even here/this far.

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まで – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (11 in total)

  • EdBunpro


    An admin/high-level person can chime in, but when i had this exact question awhile ago I found the answer to be in this page

  • Munzu


    Can anybody please give me an explanation of the difference between ほど and まで in this context? The explanations in the grammar points don’t make the difference clear to me and the link above doesn’t cover the “even/to the extent” nuance.

  • Tim


    I have a question that is well represented by this example:


    Bears will even go as far as to eat berries when they are hungry.

    Is there any nuance to adding the “まで” to the noun here (berries) instead of the verb (eat)? Would this be equivalent:


    To me, this feels more like the English equivalent of “Bears will even go so far as to [eat berries]” whereas the original feels like “Bears will go so far as to eat even [berries]”

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