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N4 Lesson 5: 19/20


Not even a little, Not at all, Not in the least, Never


すこし + Verb[ない]
すこし + [い]Adjective[ない]
すこし + [な]Adjective + ではない(1)

(1) じゃない


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About すこしも~ない

Coming from the word (すこ) (a little bit), すこしも~ない is an expression which translates almost exactly to 'not even a little bit (A)' in English. Due to this, it indicates that there is 'no (A)', '(A) never happens', or 'not (A) at all', depending on whether a verb or an adjective is the word that is being negated. すこしも can come at the beginning of the sentence, or directly before the word/statement it is referring to.
  • 今日(きょう)(ひと)(おお)からすこしも(はな)ない
    There are a lot of people today, so don't stray off. Not even a little bit.
  • (なに)このケーキ、すこしもおいしくない
    What is this cake, it's not even a little good!
  • 彼女(かのじょ)彼氏(かれし)すこしもイケメンではない
    Her boyfriend is not even a little handsome.
Fun Fact
This construction is another example of how the particle expresses that the word before it is surprising in some way, or unexpected. This was briefly discussed in the Number + も grammar point.
  • 今月(こんげつ)(かね)すこしもない
    I don't have any money this month either.
Here we can see that is highlighting (すこ)し as being 'surprising'. This is where the 'not even!' meaning comes from.




    You never listen to what your kid has to say. (Not in the least)


    This scenery is not pretty at all.


    That store's cake is not delicious in the least.


    It is not in the least bit hot, but I am sweating.


    The price of gasoline has not dropped in the least.

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      すこしも~ない – Grammar Discussion

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      • hergimerc


        Is this grammar point has the same meaning like 全く…ない ?

      • Daru


        They resemble each other a lot as they both express a severe lack of something to make a point.

        Going literal, すこしも~ない means ‘not even a bit of x’ whereas まったく~ない means ‘completely NOT x’. It’s more a matter of degree and expression mostly!

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