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N4 Lesson 9: 10/16


To continue


Verb[ます+ 続ける


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About つづける

By attaching the verb (つづ)ける 'to continue' to the conjunctive form of another verb, we will be able to express that '(A) is continuing'. Let's have a look at a few examples of this structure.
  • サリー(くら)くなるまで(はし)(つづ)ける
    Sally will continue to run until it gets dark.
  • (わたし)漢字(かんじ)(おぼ)まで(おな)漢字(かんじ)()(つづ)ける
    I will continue to write the same kanji until I memorize it.
There is a difference in nuance between connecting one verb to another verb through the conjunctive form, or through the use of the conjunction particle . The former implies that '(A) is being done in the way of (B)', while the latter implies that '(A) is being done, and then (B)'.
  • 日本語(にほんご)(むずか)けど勉強(べんきょう)頑張(がんば)(つづ)ける
    Japanese is difficult, but I will give it my best and continue with study. (Emphasis on the continuation of studying)
  • 日本語(にほんご)(むずか)しいけど勉強(べんきょう)頑張(がんば)(つづ)ける
    Japanese is difficult, but I will continue giving it my best with study. (Emphasis on the continuation of giving it one's best)




    Do you plan to continue to watch TV?


    Why don't you try to continue to fix your grammar mistakes?


    That police officer continued to patrol around for over one hour.


    I will continue to fish until I catch a big fish.


    Look straight, and continue walking!

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つづける – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (6 in total)

  • simias


    I tried answering a review using the continuous form of ~続ける and it was rejected:

    Even if you give that dog a treat, it will continue to bark.

    My proposition:


    I realized after the fact that 続ける in itself already carries the “continuation” part so it would be redundant, but I wonder if there’s any situation where 続けている would make sense?

  • Fuga


    Hey @simias !

    The main reason 続けている was not accepted here is because the would change the meaning of the translation to ‘Even if you give that dog a treat, is is still continuing to bark’, because it is using a different tense then the first part of the sentence, and it sounds as unnatural in Japanese as it does in English.

    It would work if the sentence was さっきワンちゃんに餌をあげたのに、鳴き続けている。‘Even though I gave that dog a treat earlier, it is still barking (it ihas been continuously barking)’.

    I hope that makes sense!

  • simias


    It does! Greatly appreciated!

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