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N3 Lesson 8: 15/23


More and more, Continue to, Keep on, -er and -er

The verb must express change (e.g. 増える、下がる、or verbs ending with …なる、…てくる、…ていく etc.)


Verb + 一方(いっぽう)
Verb + 一方(いっぽう) + Phrase


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About 一方だ

一方(いっぽう) is a noun that is often seen after verbs, in order to convey the meaning of 'more and more (A)', 'continuing to (A)', or 'getting (A)er and (A)er'.
一方(いっぽう) will be paired with the auxiliary verb (at the end of sentences), or で, だ's conjunctive form when it will be followed by some sort of explanation.
  • アメリカロシア関係(かんけい)悪化(あっか)する一方(いっぽう)
    The relationship between the US and Russia keeps on getting worse.
  • 仕事(しごと)(りょう)()える一方(いっぽう)(やす)()ない
    Because the amount of work keeps on increasing, I can't take a day off.
As the literal meaning of 一方(いっぽう) is 'single direction', it may be used with things that are increasing, decreasing, intensifying, or weakening, so long as the shift is all in a single direction.
一方(いっぽう) may only be used with verbs that express some kind of change, as 一方(いっぽう) itself does not express change, just a continuing direction.
  • 高齢化(こうれいか)(すす)んで、人口(じんこう)()一方(いっぽう)。 (Natural)
    Because of the aging society, the population continues to decline.
  • 子供(こども)怪我(けが)して()一方(いっぽう)。 (Unnatural)
    The child cries in one direction because he got injured.




    Due to the continuous growth of prices, life keeps on getting harder and harder.


    Unfortunately, there are more and more cases like these.


    Because no one is doing anything about it, global warming is continuing to get worse.


    If I keep going on like this, my debts will continue to increase.


    We might not get a bonus because the market keeps getting worse and worse.

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      • mrnoone


        Hey, long time no see

        Generally 一方だ and ばかりだ are exchangeable at all times when describing some kind of change (often with negative nuance).

        If you are getting then “Could you say it another way?” notification, and another chance to type the answer then answer is considered proper but is not allowed since its using different grammar point.

      • lantana


        Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am just getting them marked wrong instead of the “Could you say it another way?” notification.

      • mrnoone



        We have fixed it, so ばかり should be working from now on

        Thanks a lot for pointing this error, and sorry for causing the inconvenience

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