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Towards, To face, To head to


Noun + ()かっ
Noun + ()
Noun + () + + Noun


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About に向かって・に向けて

Coming from a link between に and the う-Verb ()かう 'to face', or 'to go towards' in its て-form, ()かって indicates that some specific action is being done 'towards (A)' or 'facing (A)'. (A) usually marks a stationary object or destination in the form of a noun. However, it can also mark less obvious destinations, such as the future '未来(みらい)'.
  • マイク()かって(なに)一言(ひとこと)(ねが)いします。
    Please face the mic and say something.
  • (そら)()かって大声(おおごえ)()した。
    I shouted loudly towards the sky.
  • (あか)るい未来(みらい)()かって一緒(いっしょ)人生(じんせい)(あゆ)もうじゃ()いか!
    Why don't we walk toward a bright future together!
Additionally, when ()ける (the transitive form of the verb) is used, it will imply that the speaker is intentionally 'aiming' or 'facing' something towards (A). This is especially true when the objective of the speaker is to make something 'suitable' for (A).
  • 新入社員(しんにゅうしゃいん)()けて(なに)かアドバイスを一言(ひとこと)(ねが)いします。
    Please share a few words of advice suitable for the new employees.
  • (かれ)らは全国(ぜんこく)大会(たいかい)()けて毎日(まいにち)(あさ)から(よる)までトレーニングをしている。
    They are training towards the national championship from morning to night everyday.




    Please face the camera and smile.


    Heading toward the future, medical development is continuously progressing.


    Starting with Japan, I want to expand my brand towards foreign countries.


    Please give some advice aimed at a student preparing for exams.


    I wonder why he uses such a difficult way of speaking toward elementary school students.

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に向かって・に向けて – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • nekoyama


    According to A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar p.407, it has to be に向けて when indicating the target, direction, goal, or purpose of an action, which this sentence seems to fit.

  • jakedesu2010



    The answer is に向かって
    I put に対して

    Can someone explain why that is wrong? I had an almost identical sentence yesterday for に対して which was something like this…

    Seems to be exactly the same usage to me…

  • Yryrdz


    創作活動________情報を収集をしてください is one of the example sentences for this. Can I get an explanation for why 向け doesn’t work here but this does? This something I get wrong for multiple sentences so I figure it’s something on my end.

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