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N5 Lesson 9: 5/13


Please do (Polite request)

In casual speech, ください can be omitted, resulting in the request finishing in て


Verb[て]+ ください
Politeness Levels


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    Conjunctive Particle

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About てください

てください is a polite expression that is used for asking people to do something. It is most often translated as 'please do (A)'.

ください is actually classified as honorific language, a type of polite speech that is used to refer to the actions of other people. くださる itself is the base form of this verb. While ください is exclusively used for making requests. くださる is the honorific language equivalent of くれる.

In friendly conversation, ください can be omitted from this expression, and the form itself can be used as a very casual way of saying 'please do (A)'.


  • この(ほん)()でください

    Please read this book.

    • ()てください

      Please eat.

      • やめてください

        Please stop.

        • このえんぴつ使(つか)てください

          Please use this pencil.

          • 電車(でんしゃ)()てください

            Please come by train.

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            てください – Grammar Discussion

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            • Johnathan-Weir


              Yeah, that makes sense. ありがとうございます。

            • Pablunpro



              Would it be possible to include as Fun Fact the “sister” expression ちょうだい (頂戴)? The text could be based on the one used by Tae Kim. One example could be the intro to this Pizzicato Five song (no kidding!).

              Thank you very much for your consideration!

            • Pablunpro



              I come back with this suggestion as Fun Fact for this grammar point. I think it is the proper place for this “sister” expression ちょうだい, which I guess is of common usage.

              Thank you again for your consideration!

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