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N1 Lesson 4: 11/17


Based on, Considering, Keeping in mind, Taking into account, Therefore

When modifying a noun, を踏まえた is more common


Noun + ()まえ(て)(1)
Noun (A) + ()まえた(2) + Noun (B)

(1) ()まえた上で
(2) ()まえて


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About を踏まえて

()まえる is a る-Verb that means 'to tread firmly', but is often used figuratively in regard to taking things into account. Because of this, the combination of the adverbial particle を, and ()まえる in its て-form can frequently be translated as 'considering (A)', or 'keeping (A) in mind'.
()まえて is primarily used in formal situations where (B) is an action being undertaken with (A) as the premise. As this structure begins with を, it will need to follow a noun.
  • 客様(きゃくさま)意見(いけん)()まえて色々(いろいろ)機能(きのう)追加(ついか)するつもりです。
    We intend to add various features based on customer feedback.
  • 先週(せんしゅう)反省(はんせい)()まえて今週(こんしゅう)(べつ)のやり(かた)でやってみようと(おも)っています。
    Based on my reflections from last week, I am going to try a different approach this week.
  • 前回(ぜんかい)失敗(しっぱい)()まえて今回(こんかい)はもう(すこ)()をつけて挑戦(ちょうせん)してみる。
    Based on my last failure, I will try to be a little more careful this time.
In this grammar pattern, the literal meaning of ()まえて as 'being firmly planted' can be used equally as naturally, so long as its figurative nature is kept in mind.
  • アンケートの結果(けっか)()まえて、お客様(きゃくさま)(よろこ)んでいただけるアイディアをどんどん提案(ていあん)してください。
    Being firmly planted on the results of the survey, please keep throwing in ideas that you would think would please our customers.


  • 経営陣(けいえいじん)従業員(じゅうぎょういん):「この(すう)ヶ月(かげつ)でクライアント(すう)着実(ちゃくじつ)増加(ぞうか)()られます。以上(いじょう)のこと()まえて営業時間(えいぎょうじかん)延長(えんちょう)決定(けってい)いたしました。」

    Management to employees: 'In the last few months, a steady increase of the client base can be observed. Taking this into account, we have decided to extend our hours of operation.'

    以上のことを踏まえて in this context is very similar to expressions like だから.

  • 経営陣(けいえいじん)との(はなし):「去年(きょねん)反省(はんせい)()まえて今年(ことし)(あら)たなマーケティング戦略(せんりゃく)提唱(ていしょう)いただきたいと(おも)います。」

    A discussion with management: 'Based on (my) reflection of last year('s strategy), I would like to propose a new marketing strategy this year.'

  • 会社(かいしゃ)のサイト:「国際的(こくさいてき)基準(きじゅん)()まえた新製品開発(しんせいひんかいはつ)懸命(けんめい)()()んでいます。」

    Website of a company: 'We work earnestly to develop our products with international standards in mind.

  • 経営陣(けいえいじん)との(はなし):「市場(しじょう)成長(せいちょう)鈍化(どんか)(はじ)めているという現状(げんじょう)()まえて(あら)たな資金源(しきんげん)(さが)必要(ひつよう)があります。」

    A discussion with management: 'Based on the present circumstances, i.e. the market starting to slow down, there is a need to look for new sources of revenue.'

  • 代弁者(だいべんしゃ)記者(きしゃ)質問(しつもん)(こた)える:「このイベント、(たし)かにいろいろ問題点(もんだいてん)あるとは(おも)いますが、それ()まえてうちの会社(かいしゃ)計画(けいかく)どおり進展(しんてん)しようと(かんが)えています。」

    A spokesman answers a reporter's question: 'Speaking of the event, surely there are all sorts of problems, however keeping these in mind we plan to proceed as planned.'

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を踏まえて – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (5 in total)

  • Noonche


    I don’t understand how to know when to use を踏まえて vs を踏まえた. The explanation says:

    But then I don’t understand why this examples isn’t を踏まえた:

  • nekoyama


    It depends on what you want to say is based on 以上のこと. If it’s 営業時間の延長 then use a form that can modify nouns like を踏まえた, if it’s 決定いたしました then use a form that doesn’t, like を踏まえて.

  • Noonche


    Thanks for the reply. However, I’m not following something…

    In my head を踏まえた modifies 営業時間の延長. Literally something like, “extended business hours based on the above.” Obviously, this is wrong since that answer isn’t accepted, but I’m not sure why…

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